TOP 8 Mario Best Battles With Bowser

The Mario series is full of instances of great final battles between the series’ famous plumber and his archenemy, the evil King Bowser.

If there’s one thing that Nintendo excels at delivering, it’s a satisfying end to their games. The end of a game is something that should be the culmination of everything the player’s adventure has slowly built. The usual ending is some epic final showdown between the hero and their archenemy.

The Mario series is full of instances of great final battles between the series’ famous plumber and his archenemy, the evil King Bowser. Each of these battles takes on the main game mechanics or is themed in one way or another, and can be satisfying both to watch and to play.

TOP 8 Mario Best Battles With Bowser

1. Bowser fights Mario in Super Mario Bros 3. Is a Classic

One of Mario’s earlier battles with Bowser was in Super Mario Bros 3, where Bowser attempted to lunge at him directly. What makes this battle so intense compared to many of his other battles with King Koopa is how long this fight can last. To defeat Bowser, Mario must trick him into falling into the center of their battle arena by having him destroy the blocks that make up the floor. Another way to win this fight is to use fire flowers, a bit easier is to try to get Bowser to jump in the right spot.

2. Mario Sunshine’s hot tub battle with Bowser puts an end to a great vacation

The best way to end a game about spending an entire vacation cleaning up a resort town is to beat the final boss that takes place in a hot tub. The hot tub itself is actually what holds the enormous shining power that Isle Delfino needs to thrive.

The way to win this fight against Bowser is to maneuver Mario around his and Bowser Jr.’s ballistics, then use rocket nozzles and earth into the five corners of the arena. What makes this fight so difficult besides the dodged obstacles is really how the arena reacts when Mario makes a successful attack.

3. Bowser’s castle battle in the Super Mario world continues

As the SNES’s flagship Mario title, Super Mario World had to end on a particularly high note with its final battle against Bowser. This final battle is air in its build, placing Mario atop Bowser’s castle during a raging storm.

Instead of fighting Mario in the traditional way, Bowser chose to taunt Mario by flying around in his clown car and even letting him see the captured Princess Peach he was dragging with him. His attacks involve cannons and rain of fire, but the attack ends up inadvertently helping Mario as his mechanized, able to throw him back.

4. Mario’s fight with Bowser on the moon is a great payoff

What better way to end an adventure than to take it to the moon? The end of Super Mario Odyssey sends Mario to the moon, where he rushes to stop Bowser and Peach’s wedding. The fight that followed wasn’t much different from Mario’s first fight with Bowser in the game, but things were definitely enhanced. This escape sequence that occurs after the fight is also one of the best ways for a Mario game to end.

5. Meowser gave Mario a serious test

One of the more spectacular battles Mario has had with Bowser is in Super Mario 3D World, which brings Mario and friends to a colorful skyscraper. Here, Bowser quickly used one of Mario’s tricks against him by empowering himself with the cat bell power and transforming himself into Meowser.

This fight quickly becomes Bowser’s race to the top of a skyscraper while dodging enemies, fireballs, and multiple Meowser clones. What eventually becomes his undo is the POW Block on top of the skyscraper.

6. Super Mario 64’s final battle with Bowser in the sky is intense

After collecting at least seventy stars in Super Mario 64, the path to Mario’s final battle with Bowser in the game opens. The road to this fight is by far one of the toughest obstacles in the entire game. The fight itself is a completely different test.

While the rules are more or less the same as Mario’s last two fights with Bowser, since he has to throw him into the mine at the edge of the arena, the difficulty multiplies when Bowser does his second hit. The arena has shrunk and now takes the shape of a star, making it difficult for Mario to successfully throw Bowser into the final mine.

7. The second intergalactic war between Mario and Bowser is epic

Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel are some of the most visually stunning Mario games ever made, even by today’s standards. There’s no way that Mario’s final battle with Bowser wouldn’t be a stunning spectacle of a battle.

During this fight, Bowser’s size has grown considerably, and the only way Mario can hurt him is by damaging meteors at him through a pound attack. The intensity of this fight is even increased when Mario and Bowser are flying through space for the final phase of the fight.

8. Fury Bowser is the scariest form of Bowser Mario has ever fought

How could Bowser become more fearsome in his galactic conquest? The simple answer to that is to turn him into a wild and out of control monster. Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury accomplishes that by turning Bowser into a looming entity in the distance that will awaken anytime and anywhere.

When he wakes up, it becomes a race to the nearest bell tower to help him stop his attack. Of course, Mario doesn’t need to hide his fear of his giant opponent, he just needs to overcome the odds by making an effort to face him on his own.

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