TOP 20 Best Super Mario Games Of All Time P.4

16. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Switch)

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is an impressive package, offering the best of modern-day 2D Mario, frenetic multiplayer, and glimpses of the quirky inventions coming in Super Mario Odyssey. Incorporating new Super Luigi U DLC content, along with numerous additional bells and whistles, this Deluxe Switch port of the Wii U original offers a compelling opportunity to replay the top drawer Mario game on handheld. Gameplay aside, the stale visuals and the frustrating feeling of being sent back to the world map after each death are things that could be improved upon, but it’s still a good 2D Mario game.

17. New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS)

The rare numbered Mario sequel, it’s the next installment in a series that continues to divide gamers to this day. Super Mario Bros. The new 2 has duplicated – of all things – the coin collection to create a strangely intriguing background in a familiar pattern. While hardly revolutionary, 3D is a great brushstroke, and if you can capture the mediocrity of the gold obsession, it’s a very solid, very enjoyable 2D Mario.

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18. Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES)

Super Mario Bros. 2. The original that we had in the west, a Famous version of the title is only available in Japan with different mechanics from the original Mario game. It introduces the ability to lift and throw objects and a screen that scrolls left right and up and down. Yes, the verticality of the levels has changed profoundly from the first game.

Super Mario Bros. 2 is still very well-reviewed in the West, and many of the elements it introduces have become mainstays of the series, even if the game’s mechanics are still somewhat anomalous in the 2D ramifications.

19. Super Mario Land (GB)

Super Mario Land made a big impression when it was first released for the Game Boy. The sequel might make this original seem inadequate by comparison, but it’s still a very enjoyable Super Mario experience, albeit a short one. Just the time when things really get good the credits will come, but if you’ve never played Super Mario Land before, you’ve got to try it out for yourself – it’s still worth playing through at least once. , if only to see where Mario’s mobile adventure begins. Crack music too.

20. Super Mario Run (Mobile)

Next up is Super Mario Run, which is Nintendo’s first foray into mobile gaming (unless you count the ill-fated Miitomo). It’s a solid attempt with clever compromises to enable a one-touch control scheme. Mario runs automatically and overcomes enemies and small obstacles, and you perform tricks by tapping at the right time, jumping high or low depending on how long you keep your finger on the screen.

Nintendo has updated the base game with a Remix mode that provides an addictive level of background when you just hold the phone in your hand. In Mario canon, it can be a run, but it’s a polished little experience, without the microtransactions you find in Nintendo’s more recent mobile offerings.

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