How to choose home rugs printed in the image Among Us

I love all things rug design and I’ve been dreaming of designing my own rug ever since I saw the rugs being made in India. But I wasn’t willing to drop $1,000 on something I’ll probably never use. So, I decided to make my own rug instead, and I think it turned out pretty well.

I started by searching for different patterns on the Internet. When I found a pattern I liked, I searched for tutorials on how to recreate it using felt. This step was essential, because I really didn’t want to waste my time trying to put a pattern together when I knew I would need to modify the shape later on.

How to choose home rugs printed in the image Among Us
How to choose home rugs printed in the image Among Us

How to choose home rugs printed in the image Among Us

STEP 1: Select an appropriate pattern

Since I wanted my design to have a very specific look, I chose a pattern from the Middle East, but you can also choose a design from anywhere. Choose a pattern with simple shapes. Avoid too many geometric shapes.

STEP 2: Find a good pattern for felt

There are plenty of tutorials online for making felt. My favorite resource for tutorials was a blog called We Felt It Up!

If you don’t know how to create a pattern, check out a site like Creative Market, which has lots of tutorials and free pattern files.

STEP 3: Search for tutorial videos

When choosing a pattern, you will need to decide what kind of yarn you want to use and how to construct the design. You can either take the traditional approach of sewing or the modern approach of cutting and sewing.

I ended up going with the latter option because it was easier to cut and sew my pattern. There are several free pattern sites online that allow you to download a pattern and then upload it directly to your machine.

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STEP 4: Cut the felt

After selecting a pattern and learning how to create a pattern, you’re ready to cut the felt.

For this step, I used a rotary cutter and a craft knife, but a razor blade would also work. Remember, you’re making felt so you’ll need to cut away a significant amount of wool. I recommend testing your cutting skills on scraps of fabric first, so you won’t accidentally cut through your felt.

STEP 5: Embellish and sew

You can embellish the edge with strips of wool, ribbon, etc. but I prefer to keep mine simple and avoid any type of embellishment.

Sewing the back of the rug was super easy and I highly recommend sewing the back, even though most of the tutorials online don’t. You don’t need to go out of your way to sew the back, but it’s nice to have it available for those special occasions when you don’t want to cover up your rug.

I learned about a few different sewing techniques from YouTube tutorials, but the method I use below is the easiest to understand and the most effective.

First, cut your felt along the sides and top of the rug to get a flat back.

Then, fold your edges down and pin them in place.

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